full NAMEcarolina marie caldecott, md

nicknameslina, georgia

date of birth / ageseptember 16, 1986 / 30

star signvirgo (Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical; Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play)

hometownatlanta, ga

current residenceboston, ma

occupationpediatric neurologist at mass gen, former stripper under the name peaches deville

educationbs, boston u ('03-'07) md, boston u school of medicine ('07-'11)

marital statusdone for
biography Born in Atlanta Georgia, Carolina wasn't exactly born for greatness. Her parents, Owen and Priscilla, were straight out of the 70s, borne from peace and love and ready to go to whatever means necessary to overthrow their capitalistic society. When Lina was four, they fled the county on a botched robbery attempt gone wrong, and she was placed into the care of her incredibly strict older grandmother, where she lived until she was fourteen. At fourteen, a rebellious streak, a little bit of pot and her grandma's no-tolerance policy ended in being dropped off at a children's home in Boston, where she lived until she was 16. By that point, Lina had grown sick of adults making the rules for her, and made multiple runaway attempts, one of which managed to keep her gone for two+ weeks, sleeping in all night superstores and doing yardwork for strangers for cash. Between the ages of 16 and 18, Lina began a relationship with a teenage boy who had just moved into town from a smaller area of Georgia. She was enamored with him immediately- they went to punk shows together, he gave her his favorite tshirts, made her lunch; they had dreams of something bigger- moving away one day, getting tattoos, telling all the kids- and their parents- who just didn't understand them to fuck right off. When the pair were just a month from graduation, he begged Lina to run away with him, to forget about high school and start a new life. She refused- she was close to the end, and determined to get her diploma. Angry at her refusal, her boyfriend got into his car that night and later died in an accident- an experience she never speaks about and blames herself for entirely. Determined to start a new life and make some of herself, Lina packed up what little she had and moved to Boston, where she had been offered a partial scholarship and a chance to become something bigger. While in the process of getting her medical degree, Carolina first worked as a massage therapist for all of a week- she had landed the gig from a friend who lived in her dorm, who said she made great money on tips. Desperate to feed herself and to pay off the rest of her tuition, Carolina tried it out, only to absolutely despite touching strangers, and walk out on one customer mid-session. Just further down the street was a popular strip club, where, because of her looks, Carolina was given a gig without ever having to audition. It was there she worked as the tongue-in-cheek Peaches Deville until she started her internship at Mass Gen. Since then Carolina has been working as a pediatric neurologist, a specialty she stumbled into as she wanted to help the only human beings she had always been able to relate to-- children. After a life of being let down by adults, Carolina was determined to make the adolescence of her patients as simple as she wished hers had been. Besides, she loved figuring out how the brain worked- what brought on the tics, the migraines, how little things in the brain brought on physical manifestations. Not only that, but Carolina had virtually made it her mission in life to show those that had discredited her-including her parents and her grandmother- that she was born for greatness, no matter what they might have thought of her. Now, Carolina is living arguably her best life so far- she loves her job, she has money, she's built friendship and a life. She is rarely referred to as the "troublesome" youth she once was, and no one knows about her history, more than the bits and pieces she will occasionally let sneak out. In a way, it's as if no one really knows her- a fact she's entirely comfortable with, since people who did know her always managed to do nothing but let her down. Sure, some would argue you couldn't really live until you were able to show your true, full self to someone, but Lina happened to believe she'd be doing just fine without it.
  • carolina moved to boston because she was offered a partial scholarship from boston university; she paid with the rest of her schooling, through med school, by stripping.
  • carolina has her ears pierced, and healed up nose and belly button piercings. she currently has no tattoos.
  • carolina worked as a part-time massage therapist before she started stripping, but was very stressed out by the idea of touching strangers, and walked out mid-session.
  • most people in carolina's hometown remember her as "troublesome," or simply just "trouble." she's a bit infamous for her parents and her dating history.
  • both are southern
  • both raised by extended family
  • both feel responsible for the death of their first boyfriend
  • "caldecott" is the county rogue grew up in
  • same middle name, marie
  • both teenage runaways
comicverse: rogue (earth-616)
Rogue's parents, Owen and Priscilla, married early in their relationship and lived in a back-to-nature hippie commune in Caldecott County, Mississippi. Born as Anna Marie, she also enjoyed the attentions of her Aunt Carrie on her mother's side. The commune's failed attempt to use Native American mysticism to reach the Far Banks resulted in Priscilla's disappearance. Carrie took over Anna's care and, in her grief at the loss of her sister, was a strict and authoritarian guardian. Anna Marie was a rebellious child and her equally poor relationship with her father prompted her to run away from home as a young teenager. This also prompted the nickname "Rogue". [...]
powers (currently all cv) power absorption
ionic energy form
superhuman strength
super human speed
super human stamina
super human durability
super human agility
super human reflexes
ionic regenerative healing
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